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Specialized in sending SMS, WhatsApp and Omni Channel, our high-performance bulk sms mobile solutions can be adapted to all your needs and volumes. With worldwide coverage and direct carrier connectivity, our CPaaS platform solutions will allow you to build applications via our powerful APIs and webservices…

Low cost Bulk SMS API Service for Developers...

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Low Bulk SMS API Gateway Pricing

Savings over 30%

On average, our customers save over 30%. Compare us with other API for SMS Gateway companies. Contact us for a quote if you’d like us to beat an existing price.

High Volume Customers

For high SMS volume customers sending over 50,000 texts a month, we offer even lower rates. With our free BULK SMS API Service, you only pay for SMS credits; there’s no contract or minimum order.

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Fast, Reliable, Robust

We’ve invested heavily to make our UAE SMS API as reliable as it can possibly be. Our platform has been built to withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications.

Secure & Compliant

We understand that data protection and security are crucial to you. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that our platform exceeds all the data protection requirements under GDPR.

Keeping Customers Happy

Reliable Tier 1 Connections

We only use the most reliable tier one connections, direct to UAE networks. Direct 0 hop connection.

No Grey Routes

We never use international or API for SMS grey routes to send and receive SMS. Although grey routes may seem like a great, low-cost SMS option, they are notoriously unreliable.

Simple & Easy to Set Up

No set-up fee. No contract. Simple, pay-as-you-go service.

Free Test Account​

Your free SMS account comes with 100 free text credits. Let us know if you need more. SMS credits never expires

We are here to support you all the way to your success, Happy SMS

Copy & Paste API Snippet

We’ve put a comprehensive range of ready to go scripts in the most common languages. Just copy and paste.

Our goal is to make SMS integration fast and simple. Happy Coding

Fast, attentive support

If you have questions that aren’t quite covered by the API documentation, we always get back within the hour.

Our objective is only simply, Happy On-boarding

What can an API for SMS be used for?

SMS sending services have traditionally been seen as a marketing tool. It’s certainly a highly effective way of getting your message in front of your target audience.

But there are so many other ways that you could use a business SMS service in your business. This is by no means a complete list, but could give you some ideas.

SMS Delivery Notifications

Let your customers know exactly when and where to expect delivery of their order. This can hugely reduce delivery failure rates.

Text Appointment Reminders

Reduce the number of ‘no shows’ by sending an SMS Appointment Reminders 24-hours in advance. Missed appointments can be reduced by up 70%.

SMS Customer Surveys

Gather valuable customer opinion data with short surveys by sending bulk SMS within few seconds. Use the data to improve your customer service and satisfaction.

SMS Customer Support

Handle customer support and queries by text. Provide instant support and improve your customer satisfaction.

Highlight Important Emails

Increase read rate of your emails by drawing attention to important emails by SMS. Email read rate can be increased by as much as 55%.

SMS for 2FA (2-factor authentication)

Improve your security by using 2FA Use SMS to send and receive dynamic codes for secure login or payment transactions.

Job Opportunity Alerts

Inform candidates about new jobs opportunities with well-timed text alerts. Include an SMS reply option so candidates can register their interest..

Text Order Confirmation

Inform customers by text that their orders have been received. Using an SMS HTTPS API, the text can include items ordered and total paid.

Event Invitation

Increase attendance at your events with a personal invitation by text. Offer discounts to those that respond by Bulk SMS.

SMS Workflows

Connect The SMS Works with other applications using Zapier. Zoho CRM, Salesforce. No coding is required. It’s a quick and easy way to automate sending an SMS.

What is an SMS API?

An API for SMS (Application Programming Interface) is a set of tools which allows the capabilities of one computer application to be made available to another, so that SMS messages can be sent and received.

The SMS API specifies how software components should interact and follows a set of predefined rules, allowing developers to build SMS-based workflows into their own applications.

What is bulk sms api?
how bulk sms works

How does an SMS API Gateway work?

An SMS HTTPS API simplifies the whole process of sending a text from a system to a mobile handset. It acts as a bridge between your organisation and your customers or members of staff.

The SMS API removes the hassle of having to write and deploy specific code to handle the complexities of multiple mobile phone networks that operate different protocols and infrastructures.

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Talk to an Expert

Have any question?
Feel free to Submit this form.

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    Rest SMS API Gateway!

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    Integrate all high-quality SMS sending, receiving and authentication features into your application, website or software in minutes. Using our Rest API for SMS, you can deliver SMS notifications quickly, reliably, securely and globally.

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    Ahsan Muhammad
    Ahsan Muhammad
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    Successfully registered sender id's of my business in 2 working days, the on-boarding process was well explained, assisted and smooth. Will be going to recommend to all my clients and friends. Awesome team please keep up the good work !
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    Steve Oduyah
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    They offers a great way to reach people at once; effortlessly and with peace of mind. We’ve been working with their bulk messaging for a while now. Must say we are impressed, and looking forward to the efficiency it provides. Before using bulk messaging, it was tedious sending SMS to a dozen people, let alone 100.
    Mohamed Thahir
    Mohamed Thahir
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    From Keeperz Community & using their OTP and Promotional Messages for our Newly developed mobile app. (Onboarding: Fast) (Integration: Perfect and can be easily integrated) (Support: Good) Overall we feel very much satisfied on the excellent services
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    Daisy De Guzman
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    With SMS service at its core, you can count on their professional service in ensuring global delivery of your ad messages, both reliably and rapidly. Keep up the good work and more powers!
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    Prem Raj
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    I have used their SMS for my ecommerce platform and their services are really good. Their Customer support provided me excellent help in getting the account enabled promptly, i appreciate their support.
    Adham Y.Alkhteeb
    Adham Y.Alkhteeb
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    Best customer support. Thanks for making it a pleasant process form signing the agreement to getting the dashboard credentials